Empowering artists to focus on their music.

Valldera allows you to manage everything in one place from songwritting to performing and financing.
You and your bandmates can finally exchange ideas quickly.

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# Features

  1. Lyrics

    Finally only one place to store your half-completed lyrics 📖.

    Easily find your lyrics by searching and tagging them.

    Enjoy using the only text editor exclusively thought for writing songs: counting syllables and easily find rhymes.

  2. Scores

    One place to manage your scores, whatever the format (.gp, .jpg, .txt, …).

    Easily find your scores by searching and tagging them.

    Preview them by attaching a music file to them (.mid, .mp3, …).

  3. Recordings

    Record 🎙 an idea directly with Valldera or upload it later.

    Easily find your recordings by searching and tagging them.

    Preview and share them with a simple link.

  4. Songs

    When you've got a finished song, it's time to have the lyrics, score, recordings and a recorded version archived here. 🎉

    Easily find your songs by searching and tagging them.

    Preview and share them with a simple link.

  5. Albums

    Organize your songs by album 💿.

Valldera Artists Compose module screenshot

And we're just getting started!

Managing rehearsals, concerts, tours, merchandising, expenses, finances…

# Pricing


write and organize your music

€3 / mo

  • Lyrics
  • Scores
  • Recordings
  • Songs
  • Albums

book your performances

- / mo

  • Rehearsals
  • Concerts
  • Tours
coming 2022

budget your projects

- / mo

  • Tickets
  • Merchandising
  • Expenses
  • Finances
coming 2022
Easily save 💰 by choosing Valldera
  1. Pay only for what you need by choosing the modules you want.
  2. More bandmates, same price.
    Bigger band should not mean bigger bill, that's why all prices are per account, not per user.
    It means that if you add a new member to your band the price stays the same! 🎉
  3. 2 months free each year when you pay yearly.